Monday, August 23, 2010


        “Mom, what did you think of my latest article?”
            “You’re such a good writer, dear.”
            “But did you like the one I wrote about what we should do this weekend?”
            My mother took a gulp of her Starbucks nonfat cappuchino and responded. “mmmmm.”
            I waited as she wiped her mouth delicately so her lipstick wouldn’t smudge.
            She flashed an angelic little smile at me.
            “I posted it Friday, Mom.” It was now Sunday afternoon.
            “Uh huh.” She looked down at her watch. “We should probably go look for the guys now.”
            We were in the middle of the Lenox mall, sitting at Starbucks and waiting for my dad, my husband, and my two sons to come out of the Apple store. I estimated that we had at least another half hour before they even considered leaving the ipads.
            “You didn’t read it, did you?” I’m a teacher. I can spot “I didn’t do my homework” from a mile away.
            “I have been your most enthusiastic cheerleader since the day you were born, missy,” she responded indignantly.
            “Yes, you have,” I admitted. “You didn’t read my article, did you?”
            She pursed her lips together and thought about what she wanted to say. Evasion wasn’t working. She decided to go with an excuse. “I haven’t gotten a chance to read it yet.”
            “You sat and read the latest Janet Evanovich novel all morning. You could have taken a minute to read my article.”
            She sat up straight and gave me that mom look that meant “enough already.” “I’ll read it as soon as we get home.”
            “Thanks,” I responded. “And would you ask your friends to read it too?”
            “Oh look, there’s your dad.” She pointed off into the distance and I turned to look behind me.
            “I don’t see…” By the time I turned back around, Mom had thrown our trash into the can and was briskly leaving me behind.
            I laughed and followed her. I have got to come up with a marketing plan. Heck, I can’t even sell my writing to my own mom.

Do you have some marketing ideas for me? Please help me out and post them below. I appreciate it!

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  1. Thanks for the laugh! That was classic.

  2. I can just picture that! Hilarious.