Friday, October 29, 2010

Meet Zoe


            Zoe posted this message on FaceBook yesterday. One of my former students, she is highly intelligent.  She loves to write and will probably have a book published before I do. That said, I’m left wondering about this post. Why is she shouting and, for heaven’s sake, why is she whipping her hair back and forth?

            Zoe has shoulder-length hair that changes color depending on her mood in any given week.  She has it styled so that the left side hangs in front of her face. While this style would drive me crazy, it suits her. She frequently shields herself from the harsh realities of life by hiding behind it. As I discovered when she sat in my classroom, that hair style is also useful for disguising the fact that she’s taking a nap instead of reading The Charge of the Light Brigade.

            I must make it perfectly clear that Zoe, despite the fact that she only wears black and often seeks refuge behind her hair is not, I repeat NOT, emo. She will tell you so herself, and she is quite adamant about it. She is also not goth, despite her fondness for the House of Night vampire series. Zoe is…Zoe, and she cannot be labeled.

            Anyway, after she posted the above comment, it occurred to me that I could easily imagine Zoe whipping her hair back and forth. Since her post was in all caps, I pictured the sweeping movement of her hair looking somewhat like the exuberantly bouncing hair in a shampoo commercial. So my response to her post was:

                I can picture you doing that. Too funny.”

            And that’s where the generation gap widened and I fell in. The next post was written by another teenager and I quote word for word:

            “I Love Tht Sonq Itsz ma jamm!”

            All I can say, Zoe, is that punctuation was invented so that the reader would not become confused. Next time you quote a song, you could use quotation marks, thereby protecting my fragile self-esteem and keeping me from looking as if I am indeed as pop-culturally illiterate as I truly am. lol x


  1. Quotation marks only get you so far in the generation gap. Case in point: "it's just a jump to the left..."

    Too funny!