Wednesday, October 20, 2010

News from Home - sigh

            “Want to go to England with me?”

            “Oh, yeah. When do we leave?” My husband has been working in Reading for a few months now, and I whine every time he leaves to go there. I love England, but haven’t been there in a few years. Work, children, school, and money have kept me from going with him. Isn’t it annoying when life gets in the way of you doing what you want to do?

            I fixed all of that. I quit my job, decided that PJ was more than responsible enough at 24 to watch Alex (who can drive himself around now that he passed his drivers’ test – gulp), and used Chris’s Delta Skylines miles to get a cheap ticket.
            We arrived yesterday afternoon.

            “We should check in with the boys,” I said, later in the evening. What I really meant was “you should call the boys now.” There is a 5-hour time difference, which makes calling and actually talking to the person you want to talk to slightly more difficult than usual.  He got the hint; since my cell phone doesn’t work in Europe he was the designated caller.

            “You fainted? How are you feeling now?” My ears pricked up and my heart sank to my toes as I listened to Chris’s side of the conversation. “Still feeling poorly?”


            “Well, it sounds like you need to go to the doctor.”


            “PJ can take you to the walk-in clinic tonight when he gets home from work. I’ll call him and let him know.”

            Silence. Every muscle in my jet-lagged body tightened as I kept myself from grabbing the phone from my husband. He was dealing with the situation, and I was grateful.

            “No, that would be OK. Your mother doesn’t like the walk-in place either. If Mrs. R will take you to see Dr. D tomorrow morning, that would be fine. It’s nice of her to offer. Then PJ can go to work.”

            The silence was broken only by the loud quaking of the ducks on the banks of the Thames outside our hotel window and my deep sigh.

            “All right. Call me after you see Dr. D. Get some sleep and please drink lots of water.”

            I nodded in agreement. Sleep and drinking lots of water was my prescription for pretty much everything.

            “I love you, too. Yes, I’ll tell mom. Don’t worry. Just get better.”

            Click. My bloodshot eyes linked with Chris’s.

            Ah well. The best laid plans of mice and men and all that.

I took this photo today: The Thames and the noisy ducks as seen from the Caversham Court Gazebo, circa 1660. Our hotel is on the other side of the river, just over the Caversham bridge.

Hey Dad, I have a bunch of pictures of the Caversham gardens to show you. It was beautiful, even in October.