Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Giving Thanks the American Way

            “You can peel and slice the apples for the pie,” my mom suggests.

            I think, “Oh boy, can I?” and promptly tell myself to lose the snarky attitude. “Sure,” I answer with enthusiasm. It’s the day before Thanksgiving.

            Feeling thankful for the people in our lives is something we do every single day. Setting aside a specific day and adding turkey, pumpkin pie, and football is what makes us Americans.

            Thanksgiving is a wonderful day. We get to bicker with our family members over the amount of salt in the stuffing, who has to do the dishes, and whether or not the Dallas Cowboys are going to win the 4 PM game. (Believe it or not, some of my family members don’t like the Cowboys. Go figure.)

            We also get to see family and friends we don’t normally see, and it’s a good excuse to talk on the phone with the ones who can’t be with us. We reminisce about Thanksgivings past, and remember those who have passed on. We are grateful that we had the opportunity to know and love them, even if they are no longer with us.

            Thanksgiving is a special day, and I hope each of you have a wonderful time bickering lovingly with your family. Tell your friends you love them, and eat your fill of turkey and pumpkin pie. Oh, and Go Cowboys!

            Happy Thanksgiving, my friends.

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  1. Who could root for the Saints instead of America's Team, on this, a uniquely American holiday? Oh right, me! Happy Thanksgiving, Vicki! Have a bite of apple and/or cherry pie for me. (It's store bought pecan pie here in the Heartland tonight)