Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Some Heartfelt Advice for the Delta SkyClub

            If you are willing to pay $300 a year and are a silver medallion member or higher, you too can have the privilege of waiting for your flights in comfort at the Delta SkyClub. At the Atlanta airport (a.k.a. Delta Airline’s “ mother ship”), it’s a lovely place, with free beverages and snacks and cushy armchairs. You can plug in your laptop, get free WiFi, and check up on “da family” on Mafia Wars.

            Last night, my family ended up spending more time there than we actually wanted to, due to a mechanical problem with the plane. We really did want Delta to fix it properly – the flight to London is long and over lots of water – so we just waited. And waited. And waited some more.

            Luckily, it was Monday night, and there are televisions in every one of the little seating areas. We settled in, only to realize that CNN was on in that lounge. We picked up all of our carry-ons and moved to a different room. The offering on this TV was much worse; there was some kind of entertainment news/Hollywood gossip show blaring away. The next small area was tuned to QVC. Who sits and watches QVC, for heaven’s sake? There were people sitting in there, staring at the screen with blank expressions on their faces. I swear I even saw one of them drooling. My sons now call QVC “the Zombie Network”, which I thought was pretty clever.

            The four of us looked at each other. My husband, our two sons, and I always spend quality time together on Monday nights. We were ready…for some FOOTBALL!

            We were in Atlanta. The Falcons were playing the Saints – a huge rivalry – and we weren’t watching the game. It was a big one, too, in terms of play-off positioning in the league. What is wrong with this picture?

            There was one TV in the very back of the lounge showing the game, and our hearts melted in relief as we pulled in chairs from another room and joined all our rowdy friends. We enjoyed the game, even if the Falcons didn’t win, but…uh…Delta? Maybe you could tune two TV’s to the big game next time. I’m pretty sure the QVC zombies wouldn’t even notice.