Monday, January 17, 2011

Dryer Lint Art: Believe It or Not!

            My FB friend Anne posted a link to an incredible “news” article last week. The story captured my interest in a way that fashion gaffs at the Golden Globe Awards and Sarah Palin’s latest speech simply did not. The news article was about…dryer lint art.

            Now stay with me here. Laura Bell, an amateur artist from Roscommon, Michigan, recreated Leonardo DaVinci’s painting “The Last Supper” using lint from her dryer. Her masterpiece measures 14 feet long by 4 feet tall, and is a wonder to behold. It took her 800 hours to do laundry to produce the lint and 200 hours to put the picture together. In order to get the vivid colors, she bought towels of various shades and washed and dried them separately to get just the lint hues she wanted. All of the lint used is natural; not a single shred of lint was dyed or altered in any way.

            Mrs. Bell was inspired by other dryer lint art that she had seen in the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Wisconsin Dells Odditorium. Really? Who first decided that making art out of dryer lint was a nifty idea?

            Ripley’s Believe It or Not! has purchased Mrs. Bell’s artwork for an undisclosed sum. You’ll soon be able to see her dryer lint masterpiece there, displayed next to a recreation of “The Last Supper” painted on a single grain of rice. Mrs. Bell reports that she will use some of the money to purchase a new washer and dryer. Um…yeah.

            While I admit that I find a dryer lint recreation of DaVinci’s masterpiece to be, let’s just say strange, I must applaud American ingenuity. What creativity! Mrs. Bell has discovered a way to recycle dryer lint, and she actually made some money doing it. Maybe I’ll think twice before I throw my dryer lint into the trash bin next time! Or not….


  1. You are seriously discussing dryer lint!!?? My God!! We have got to get you out of that house!!! LOL!
    Love, Gloria :>

  2. Love it! The artistic spirit strikes us all in different ways, some more so than others!

  3. Road trip!!! Where are we going, Gloria?

  4. and to think that I've wasted 49 1/2 years throwing my lint away when I might could have woven it into balls and been knitting sweaters. Oh well, it is what it is!

  5. Too funny. You might could have made sweaters out of all of our dryer lint. Bet you'd be rich now!