Monday, January 10, 2011

More Snow? But I live in Georgia!

            “My alarm didn’t go off this morning. It’s 11 freakin’ o’clock! I have stuff to do today!”

I came down the stairs, grumbling under my breath about having to learn new technology. The IPod touch I got for Christmas was making me crazy. I apparently couldn’t even figure out how to set an alarm.

            “Oh, it went off,” my husband answered.

            “It did? I didn’t hear it.”

            “Those ducks quacked for a good 5 minutes and you didn’t hear them.”

            “You could have gotten me up,” I suggested, rolling my eyes just the slightest bit.

            “I tried,” he laughed. “I put the ducks right up to your ear. You didn’t move.”


            “Yes, really. I figured you needed the sleep, so I turned the ducks off for you.”

            “That’s so…thoughtful.” It really was, but I had things that had to get done today.

            “You haven’t looked outside yet, have you?” He pulled me over to the front window. There was…snow…covering everything. So much for global warming.

PJ's new hood ornament


            “I’m working from home today. The schools are closed, and so is PJ’s office. I don’t know how many things on your to-do list required you to leave the house, but you can just cross them off for today. You’re not going anywhere.”

            “Oh.” I thought for a moment, then smiled. I’d been given the gift of time with my family. My to-do list for today was now my to-do list for tomorrow. I was good with that.

            However, the ducks had to go. I was thinking Iron Man by Black
Sabbath would do the trick. I had to get up before 11 tomorrow. I had stuff to do!


  1. Silly goose, ducks quack a lullabye. I hope that Black Sabbath worked better.

  2. lol
    "I AM IRON MAN!" It works like a charm - after your heart starts beating again.