Monday, January 31, 2011

My Class Ring is....GONE! by Alex Scullion

It was a really long week. It was one of those weeks where you think it’s Friday when it’s actually Tuesday. But finally Friday rolled around and that meant, you guessed it, staying out until 12 at the girlfriend’s house. Tonight was especially special because we were having a mini-marathon of our favorite show, Dexter.

            We sat on the leather living room couch in front of the massive television. Unfortunately, while we were sitting there, I downed three or four, maybe five large glasses of water. We all know what this gets like. I had to decide between watching Dexter and going to use the bathroom. Of course I did what every single one of us would do – watched Dexter.

            At about 11:30 I decided I’d get home early to wake up for my drum lessons the next morning. I had already decided that I was going to hit the McDonald’s drive through for an almost-midnight-snack. There was no way I could make it home without hitting the bathroom first. So that’s exactly what I did. Being the clean person I am, I washed my hands. I also happened to take my ring off and put it in the pocket of my hoodie until I had dried off and such.

            After all the goodbyes, I’m off to McDonald’s and then to the house. I pull into the drive thru, place my order, go to the first window and pay and then I get up to the second window and reach for my McNuggets and Hi-C Orange drink.

            Now I’m finally on the way home to eat and then sleep, like I said, it was a loooong week. Something’s wrong though. I use my thumb to adjust my ring and you know what isn’t on my hand? Yep, my $600 class ring. I retrace my steps coming to the only possible conclusion: the guy who handed me my food at the drive-thru stole my ring right off my hand! Immediately I search for my phone to call my parents to let them know I’m going to be late because I have to go confront this gentleman and 1. commend him for a stealthily executed robbery and 2. get my ring back. Well my phone wasn’t in my hoodie pocket, but wouldn’t you know it? There was my ring.