Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Starbucks Noire by Chris Scullion

Today is our youngest son’s 17th birthday. In between crying jags (How did I get to be so old? and Yes, it really is all about me!), I’m baking a cake and wrapping presents. Luckily, Chris foresaw my emotional meltdown, and wrote the article below for me to post today. Enjoy!

I go to Starbucks this morning.  I've been going to Starbucks since the mermaid was naked... if you catch my drift.  This morning is bitterly cold and I need a warm-up on the way to work.  The line is long, but I wait.  The guy making the coffee is very busy, but pleasant and efficient.  The male partner in the couple ahead of me hasn't ever been to Starbucks before and is getting useful advice from his female partner.  The guy behind me is impatient.  *Cough... sniffle... sigh... tap-tap-tap* Is that a bad cold, Mr. Patience, or maybe the flu?

The lady in front gets her coffee called, and picks it up.  She and Mr. Newbie go over to the side counter to add the "fixins".  I'm sitting in a 
comfy chair in the back watching the counter and reading my email on my phone.  Mr. Newbie doesn't hear his coffee order called, he's busy learning the ropes.  Mr. Patience has forgotten what he ordered, so he looks at the coffee that's not his, decides it must be, takes a sip.  He realizes it's not his after all, so he looks around, doesn't think anybody saw, and... slides the cup back onto the counter.  Then his order is called, he picks up his correct coffee, AND LEAVES.

Mr. Newbie finishes with his partner at the side counter, comes back and picks up his now-tasted-by-a-stranger-with-a-cold coffee and makes to leave.  Yes, I stop him and explain what Mr. Patience has done.  Mr. Newbie is grateful, and a new coffee is quickly prepared.

Watch your coffee.


  1. That's truly disgusting and sad. Thanks for the warning Chris!

  2. So can anyone play this game...submitting blog entries?

  3. Sure, submit away. I look forward to reading your article!