Friday, February 25, 2011

Is Your Teen Unmotivated?

Dear Parents,

Are you frustrated by your teenager’s lack of motivation in school?

 Do you worry about your son or daughter’s future?

Are you afraid that your child will be living at home with you for the rest of your life?

Believe me, dear parents, you are not alone. This is a common problem, and you are to be commended for your continued efforts to promote the value of education. There is always the slight chance that your child will have an epiphany during one of your endless “chats” and he or she will finally “get it”. Insert **laugh** here.

Consider for a moment the plight of this distraught mother in Tampa, Florida.

February 21, 2011 (TAMPA, Fla.) -- A Tampa mother is defending her decision to stick her teenage son on a street corner with a sign that says, among other things, "GPA 1.22 ... honk if I need education."
Ronda Holder says she and the boy's father have tried everything to get their 15-year-old to shape up academically. They've offered help, asked to see homework, grounded, lectured him and confiscated his cell phone. James Mond III's indifference at a school meeting last week was the final straw. The next day, Holder made the sign and made her son wear it for nearly four hours.
Experts criticized the move as humiliating and ineffective, and someone reported Holder to the Department of Children and Families.
Holder insists she's fighting for her child's education.
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If you are unwilling to give your teen this admittedly “tough love” treatment, I suggest that you join one of the support groups for frustrated parents of teenagers. Check your local tavern for meeting times.