Friday, February 11, 2011

My Saturday Plans

            “Are you ever going to get out of this bed?”

            “Ever? Yes,” I answered sleepily.

            “It’s noon. Lunchtime. Do you want a sandwich?” Chris’s tone was a bit sharp.

            “No thanks. You go ahead.”

            He sighed. “You’ve missed half the day.”

            “Uh huh.”

            “While you were sleeping, I got an oil change and a car wash, bought replacement light bulbs for the outside fixtures, installed them, and pruned back the crepe myrtle.”

            “That’s great, sweetie.”

            “I did two loads of laundry, too.”

            “Oh you did not either,” I answered, resigned now to leaving the lovely dream about teaching a class of perfect 7th graders to write perfect essays.

            “I thought that would sink in. I did all the other things, but I didn’t do the laundry.”

            I sat up. It’s a sad fact that I wake up looking like a kindergartner’s purple-haired troll doll, only not quite as endearing. My breath would have driven away the fiercest T-Rex.

            “So you woke me up to do the laundry?” I yawned. “You’re a prince.”

            “No, I didn’t wake you up to do the laundry. It’s sunny outside and you need to get up and enjoy it.”
The Beatles thought having a picnic in the snow was fun.

            “Yeah, whatever,” I muttered, swinging my legs over the side of the bed. He didn’t mention the fact that along with being sunny, it was 25 degrees F with a wind-chill of 5. There was still 2 inches of snow covering the lawn. “Are we going on a picnic?”

            “Sounds like a great idea! I’ll wake up the boys and make some sandwiches.”

            “You do that,” I smirked. It would be fun to watch him try to wake up our sons (aged 24 and 17) so that they could go on a picnic with us, but my toothbrush was calling me. Sleeping away Saturday morning was an indulgence; I really could have done several loads of laundry, emptied the dishwasher, changed the sheets on the bed, finished the grocery shopping, and had my nails done instead of lazing about in bed. Just thinking about all those chores could make a girl feel guilty for sleeping in.

            “I guess I really should do something today,” I thought as the spray of water in the shower flattened my hair and flushed away the eye boogers. I contemplated the list of things I could have done, and chose my one goal for the day. The guilt would melt away and…I’d have beautiful nails!

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