Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Spitting: One of the Seven Deadly Sins (of Golf)

            OK, so the Super Bowl is over and March madness hasn’t begun. Where does that leave us, as far as sports news goes? Luckily, there’s a huge news story from the golf circuit in Dubai this week. It’s about – you guessed it – Tiger Woods.

            So what has Mr. Woods done this time? Has he been caught hosting dog fights a la Michael Vick? Did he pull out a gun and shoot up a nightclub? Was he found high as a kite in a hotel room with a kilo of cocaine? Um…no, no and no.

            Tiger Woods committed the ultimate sin of – wait for it – spitting on the green on the 12th hole at the Omega Dubai Desert Classic. Watchers were positively disgusted. One broadcast announcer contemplated the horror of the next golfer to putt on that green who might possibly pick up the spit on his ball. Oh, the humanity.

            Mr. Woods has been fined “an undisclosed sum” by the European Tour for a “breach of tour conduct”. He has apologized for his actions via Twitter. Apparently, he knew about the “no spitting” rule, and for some reason forgot it.

            I would love to show you the video of Tiger Woods spitting, but YouTube has pulled it. Obviously, the graphic scene was making people all over the world hurl into their morning coffee. It was very sensible of YouTube to take action.

            This big news leaves me wondering two things. First, how much do you suppose a golf ball covered with Tiger Woods's spit would net on E-Bay? And second, when does football season start again? Don’t even mention the word “strike” to me! 

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