Friday, March 18, 2011

Check out Rebecca Black's new song "Friday"!

            “Wow! They don’t write’em like that anymore.”

You know the songs I’m talking about, don’t you? They’re the classic rock and roll songs where the chorus goes “da doo run run” or “shoop shoop” or “be bop a lula”. You still sing along with them when you’re alone in the car because secretly, someplace deep inside, you really like them, even if you won’t admit it.

Of course, no one wonders why they don’t write’em like that anymore. We all know why. Pop music is much more sophisticated today than it was “back in the day”. Isn’t it?

This week, Rebecca Black became a viral sensation on YouTube with her song Friday. Watch the video a few times and you’ll find yourself singing along with her. The lyrics are simple, she repeats “fun, fun, fun” so many times it isn’t funny, and bless her heart, the song actually includes the lines “Yesterday was Thursday, tomorrow will be Saturday”.

Now I have this dumb song stuck in my head. For whatever it’s worth, you have to admit that they actually do write’em like that nowadays. And we still like them.

Enjoy. It’s Friday!


  1. What, no snarky comments about the big 50 for you-know-who?

  2. And for some of us, here's a song for everyday of the week.

  3. And completely off-topic, there's this

  4. I love the Java Jive! That is the perfect song for those of you whose heart doesn't start without that morning cup of coffee. Good one!