Friday, March 11, 2011

A Congressional Pancake Race?

            For those of you breathlessly awaiting the outcome of the “Rehab Parliamentary Pancake Race” in London, you will be happy – or unhappy, depending on your point of view – to learn that the House of Lords soundly defeated the House of Commons this year. The race is held annually on Fat Tuesday to promote awareness of the Rehab charity, which provides services to people with disabilities.

            You’ll enjoy watching the video, I promise. It isn’t often you get to see important members of Parliament running around Victoria Gardens in their suits. Adding a chef’s hat and apron and asking them to flip a pancake in a pan as they run is simply inspired. I certainly hope Rehab took in a ton of pounds. (An American joke – British dollars are called pounds, right? Never mind.)

            Don’t you think it would be totally cool to see our American Senators and Representatives competing in a pancake flipping race on the White House lawn? How about it, ladies and gentlemen? I bet you could raise a lot of money for a worthy charity.

Of course, you’d all have to agree on which charity to support with the proceeds. As Shakespeare’s Hamlet proclaims, “Ay, there’s the rub….”


  1. A charity for those who feel marginalized from society...surely our Senate could find the equivalent. Fun event. Loved the Lord bodyslamming his peer!

  2. You'd think Congress could find such a charity, wouldn't you? It would be great fun to see the Dems and the GOP fight it out with pancakes!