Monday, March 28, 2011

In the Foreign Branch of my Office Today

            “So what are you going to do today?” Chris, bless his heart, was going off to work. Such a shame to waste a beautiful day in Madrid stuck in an office working.

            “Not sure yet,” I answered.

            “Any museums you haven’t hit yet?”

            “Yes, but the museums aren’t open on Monday. Maybe I’ll go shopping instead.”

            Chris grunted.

            I smiled. “I found this really cool shopping area near the Plaza de Colon on Friday. The architecture is gorgeous. There’s ornate ironwork on the windows and plaster faces of historical figures near the roofs of the old buildings.”

            “You’re going to look at the outside of old buildings today? That sounds interesting.”
            “I might see what they have at Prada and Gucci while I’m in the area. There’s a Tiffany’s next door, too. Maybe I’ll have breakfast there.”

            I calmly patted him on the back as he choked on his morning coffee. I probably should have waited to mention Tiffany’s until he had finished swallowing.

            “I’m just kidding, you know. That’s not my style.”

            “So what are you really going to do today?”

            “I’m going to one of the foreign branches of my office to write my blog.”

            “That’s a great idea,” he answered enthusiastically. “There’s a Starbucks just across from the hotel.”

            “That’s where you’ll find me.”

            He bent down to kiss me. “Te amo, mi amor.” It was the only Spanish he knew other than please and thank you. Isn't that sweet?

            “Right back at ya, mi esposo.”


  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip!

  2. Sounds as though you're having a great time. Have you bought any Lladro?

  3. You could start off your day at Casa Patas, La Torre del Oro or ViƱa Pe, where you could sit down for lunch or just order a wine, some "tapas", listen to the music and take in the flamenco atmosphere.


    You could buy some castanets and join in the fun. Who knows, after a little wine, you might be invited to join the group.

  4. I am having a great time. No, the Lladro is incredibly expensive so I didn't buy any. Sorry, Mom.

    I had lunch today at an outdoor cafe. The camellias were just starting to bloom, the daffodils are gorgeous and it was sunny and warm. The tapas were not bad. Haven't seen any flamenco dancers, but I think that would be fun....to watch. :)