Monday, March 7, 2011

Tongue Magnets "Attract" Teens and Health Risks

            I’ve been giving teenagers a hard time in my recent articles, but perhaps I’ve been unfair. An article I read today shows that there is at least one teen out there who seeks to make a difference in the world.

            Lauren Garcia, a 13 year old from Wheat Ridge, Colorado, has found her mission in life. She will be educating other teens about the serious consequences posed by…magnetic tongue rings. You have to admit that this is indeed a worthy cause.

            Medical science has recently discovered that teens (and older people who lack common sense) who accidentally swallow magnetic tongue rings face severe health risks. It seems that the magnets attract each other while in the intestines, causing nasty consequences. Dr. Saundra Kay explains, "You have one strong magnet in one loop of intestine, another magnet in another loop of intestine, and those magnets are so strong that they will bring those intestines close together and the two loops joined. Slowly those magnets will burrow through the intestines and it makes a hole."

            Unfortunately, young Lauren had to learn this lesson the hard way. She poignantly states, “"I could have died if I had waited to come to the hospital."

            Now Lauren is hoping that telling her story will inspire other teens to stop using magnetic tongue rings, no matter how "attractive" they may be. She has discovered first-hand that being fashionable isn’t worth risking your life. Her story is touching, and I know that other teens will greatly benefit from her efforts to educate her peers. Kudos, Lauren.


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