Monday, April 11, 2011

Kids playing outside? Not if you live in Edgewater, Florida!

            “Mom! That’s not fair!”

            “I know, sweetie, but you’re not allowed to go out and play. Why don’t you watch TV or play a video game?”

            “I’m sick of watching TV. I want to practice jumps on my skateboard.”

            “Skateboards are forbidden in the neighborhood. You know that.”  Mom sighed. It was difficult to keep an 8 year old boy cooped up inside when the weather was so nice, but the homeowner’s association had just passed a rule fining parents who let their kids play outside in their yards without direct adult supervision. She couldn’t afford the $100 fine, and she had to be inside in case the sleeping baby awoke.

            Her son pouted and stomped off to his room. She was going to have to take him to the park when the baby got up. He really needed to run off some of that energy.

            Imagine passing a rule that prohibited kids from playing outside in their own yards, for heaven’s sake. She was going to put this house on the market tomorrow. It was going to be hard to sell, though. Who’d want to buy a house here?

 I did not make this up. The HOA at the Persimmon Place subdivision in Edgewater, Florida recently proposed passing a rule that would prohibit children from playing outside without direct adult supervision, using skateboards, playing tag, and using any noisy toys. What’s the matter with these people?

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