Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lost in Loganville


            “Where are you?” Gloria laughed. It’s not the first time we had a phone conversation that started this way. “Are you on your way?”

            “Um…yes,” I answered tentatively.

            “How far away are you?”

            “That’s a really good question.”

            “You’re lost?”

            “Well, if you mean that I don’t know exactly where I am at the moment, I’d have to say yes.”

            “What does your GPS say?”

            “I’m not using it. Stephanie’s e-mail said we were meeting at the Mexican restaurant across the street from the bowling alley in Loganville. I figured I could find the bowling alley without much trouble, so I didn’t get directions. I probably should have at least asked Stephanie the name of the restaurant, huh?”

            Gloria chuckled. “Why didn’t you?”

            “The last time I was in Loganville, there was one stop light and a gas station. I had no idea it had grown so much.”

            “You must have been running from Yankee soldiers back then, darlin’,” Gloria said, her normal Southern drawl exaggerated x5. “Loganville, Georgia is a modern center of commerce and entertainment. There are at least 3 bowling alleys here now.”

            “Thanks, Gloria. That’s so…helpful.”

            “Oh, you want helpful. Tell you what. You pull over and I’ll text you the address of the restaurant. Put it in your GPS and then follow the directions.”

            “I can do that.”

            “Good girl. Do you want me to order a drink for you?”

            “Well, duh.”

            “One mojito on the way. Hope you get here before the ice melts.”

            “That’s really funny, Gloria.”

She laughed. “Drive safely. We’ll see you in a few minutes.”

            It was less than a few minutes. The parking lot I had pulled into so I could enter the address into my GPS was the parking lot for the Mexican restaurant. Who needs directions when you have luck on your side?


  1. You forgot, there was also one dive bar in Loganville. Isn't it now one of "the" places to live?

  2. Loganville's a happenin' place. I miss that bar. lol