Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Word "FAN" - Does it mean what you think it means?

Okay, “fan” can be used as a noun or a verb, right? For example:

            The ceiling fan kept the room much cooler. (Noun)

            I am a fan of Elvis Presley. (Noun)

            I fanned out the cards so he could pick one from the deck. (Past tense verb)

            She has been fanning herself because she is too hot. (Present perfect tense

So how is “fan” used in this ad I cut and pasted from FaceBook?

Fan us and as thanks, we’ll hook you up with a $1.00 off Baby Swiss
            CHEEZ-IT® crackers coupon. Because clicking is hard.

You’re completely correct. “Fan” is a noun used as a verb. Apparently, I can now fan Elvis Presley without blowing air on him. I can fan OREO cookies if I want.   I just hope I can fan the Grammar Sticklers’ Anonymous page, because I am confused and not a little bit upset by this whole “verbing” of nouns issue. As Calvin says, “Verbing weirds language.”
BTW, please fan my blog if you haven’t already. I appreciate the support. LOL


  1. And a fanatic is where we should keep these fans of weird language.

  2. Too funny. That fanatic is in Philadelphia, right?