Monday, May 30, 2011

A Debt We Can Never Repay

            On Memorial Day, we honor the men and women who have died serving our country. We owe these people a debt we can never repay.

            We take for granted that we can start our own businesses and elect people to represent us in government. We take for granted that we can worship – or not – as we choose. We take for granted that we can own a gun, a home, and stock in Fortune 500 companies.

            We take for granted that these freedoms will be ours forever.

            Recently, a court in Colorado decided that displaying your middle finger to a police officer in the universal gesture of contempt was not harassment, but was legitimate free speech. Shane Boor’s (Yes, that’s his real name; it fits, doesn’t it?) gesture is a First Amendment right that cannot be taken away by the government. Do you suppose that Mr. Boor is cognizant of the fact that his right to shoot the bird at a cop has been protected by American soldiers who have fought and died for more than 200 years? I certainly hope he is.

            On behalf of Mr. Boor and myself, I honor those patriots who have given their lives to protect the United States of America. Freedom is never free, and you are the ones who have paid the ultimate price. We remember, and we are grateful.