Wednesday, May 4, 2011

That Touch of Class - Californians Stage "Puke-In" Protest

            I live in Georgia, which is about as far as you can get from California and still be in the continental United States. It still isn’t far enough to keep us from hearing about the strange things that happen there. It seems to me that many of the people who live in California are nuts, crazy, bonkers, off their rockers, certifiable, loony, strange, a card short of a full deck, etc. If you have to make a nod to political correctness – and you are required by law to be PC in California – you can call them eccentric, bless their hearts.

Case in point: last Saturday’s “Puke-In for Dolores Park” in San Francisco. A government suggestion that the park’s food trucks be privatized to make up budget shortfalls was not well received by nearby residents. Using the slogan “Privatization Makes Me Sick!” a group of them staged a “Puke-In” protest on April 30th. (Note: The Puke-In was originally planned for April 23rd, but this date conflicted with Earth Day. Some of the protestors felt that a Puke-In was inappropriate on the day set aside for honoring Mother Earth. Since I’m not really sure when it is appropriate to participate in a Puke-In protest, I’ll have to defer to the experts in San Francisco.)
In case you’re wondering, no actual vomiting took place. Yes, I thought that was disappointing, too. Protest leader and former circus clown Chicken John Rinaldi bought $750 worth of fake vomit which was used to decorate the park during the protest. No doubt it added that touch of elegance the park lacked.

Unfortunately, the Recreation and Parks department has decided to go ahead with privatizing food trucks in Dolores Park since Chicken John was unable to offer a viable alternative to cover the budget gap. It was a sad waste of perfectly good fake barf. We can only hope that Chicken John can find some way to reuse, recycle or repurpose it.


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