Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Choosing the Perfect Wine

            “What wine do you suppose goes best with hot dogs and potato chips?”

            My husband’s eyes crossed. “I’d skip the wine and head straight for the grape Kool-aid.”

            “Really? I bought a Kendall-Jackson merlot. You don’t think that would add a nice touch of class to our dinner tonight?”

            “Did you buy some caviar to put on the hot dogs, too?”

            “Darn. I knew I forgot something. I really have to start making a list before I shop. No, I just have sauerkraut, mustard and chopped onions.”

            “Nice,” he grimaced.

            “What?” I was starting to get snippy.

            “What do you mean ‘What’? I hate sauerkraut.”

            “Oh, yeah. I forgot. Just don’t eat any, then.”

            “Don’t worry. I won’t.”

            “I suppose you think that the chocolate cake I baked this afternoon won’t go with the merlot, either.”

            “Au contraire, my sweet. Chocolate cake and merlot are the perfect pairing. What say we skip the hot dogs and go straight to the dessert course?”

            I considered that for a second or two. “That would be acceptable.”

            He poured a glass of wine for each of us and handed one to me. “A toast?”           

            I lifted my glass. “To hot dogs and grape Kool-aid!”

            He chuckled. “To you, my love. America’s next Top Chef!”

            OK, now that’s funny.