Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Closets and Other Fashion Disasters

This is a closet.
This is a closet on drugs.

       Guess which one is mine.

This is Tim Gunn's most likely reaction to viewing my closet.
I'm not sure I can make it work, Tim. I mean, look at that mess!

Well of course I do...

Last day of class for the Fab 5
July 2010
Do I wear all of those clothes?
Disney World, July 2011

Now wait. Is that the same red shirt in both pictures? What a coincidence!

Savannah, GA
Mother's Day 2009
Stonehenge, October 2010
Wreck's first grooming
 May 2011
Meeting my grandniece
July 2011
OK, so it's my favorite black shirt. Get off my back!

No, you're right. I should get rid of the stuff in my closet that I never wear. I'm planning on doing that.

When? Um...soon.

Yes, I mean it. Let me pencil it in on my calendar right now. Hmm...I have a dentist appointment tomorrow. Maybe next week? No, I'm doing volunteer work next week. The week after that? No, Gloria and I are going to the spa. Maybe I can work it in around September 15th, unless I get that job I interviewed for. Then I'll be working.

But I promise I'll clean out the closet at my earliest convenience. Cross my heart and hope to...well, you know. 


  1. Love the pictures! The uniform of the day is a great concept. Some schools even require it for their students. You can even save electricity because you don't need a light in your closet. With a drawer full of black socks you are all set. Forever in blue jeans.