Friday, July 1, 2011

There are no acceptable excuses for not reporting to jury duty in Massachusetts

            When Michael Wylie of Massachusetts received his jury summons, he was in Hospice care with terminal cancer. He – believe it or not – failed to report for jury duty. A few months later, Mr. Wylie passed on.

            Massachusetts has continued to send nasty-grams to Mr. Wylie for 5 years now despite the fact that the family notified the state about Mr. Wylie’s death. Apparently, Mr. Wylie did not file the correct paperwork to prove that he was dead, so the state never took him off the jury rolls. Criminal charges are now pending against the late Mr. Wylie.

            At least the state will know where to find Mr. Wylie when they go to apprehend him. It is doubtful that Mr. Wylie has moved anywhere since his family laid him to rest 5 years ago. I suspect he won’t appreciate being dragged to jury duty in his present state, though.

Don’t you just love bureaucracy? Those are your tax dollars at work, people.