Friday, July 8, 2011

Want to know which dog left that pile of poop on your lawn? Try DNA testing

            Don’t you just hate it when you step in a pile of dog poop on your way out to your mailbox or while strolling through your local park? Dumb question, huh?  Of course you do. I’m with you on that one. As much as I love dogs, I would prefer not to step in doggy doo-doo.

            I don’t blame the dog for making the pile. I blame the owner for not cleaning it up. I swear to you that on my last visit to Alexander Park, there was a pile right under the sign telling you to “do your doodie”. Even more annoying was the fact that there was a holder filled with plastic grocery bags clipped to the sign. How oblivious can you get?

            There is a solution to this annoying problem that is working well for large apartment complexes that allow pets. PooPrints, offered by BioPet, identifies the DNA in the poop and matches it to a DNA sample that the resident was required to leave as part of the lease agreement. The DNA test, proven to be 99.9% accurate, determines which resident “forgot” to bring a baggie when walking his dog. The resident is fined $100 per incident.

            Isn’t that ingenious? Apartment complex managers who use the system say that it works. They don’t want to fine their residents; they just want to “encourage” pet owners to clean up after their pets. PooPrints provides the “kick in the pants” that some pet owners need. I like it.

            While I can give you a 100% guarantee that you will never step in my dog’s poop, I can’t help you clean up your local park.  PooPrints is not a practical solution for a public place. You can try handing a baggie to the next idiot you see walking away from his dog’s pile of poop. You can add more signs and holders filled with baggies, but as I mentioned earlier, you might just find a pile of doo-doo at the base of the sign.

            Some final words of wisdom on the subject from Dr. Seuss: “I watched out for trouble in front and back sections by aiming my eyeballs in different directions.” Watch where you step.

Dr. Seuss quote is from I Had Trouble in Getting to Solla Sollew

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