Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What do "seine", "fid", and "snood" have in common? They're all words I don't know!

Article written by Chris Scullion            

            There are some "uncommon" and strange words in the English language. And between my father and my wife, they know them all.

            Take the word "seine", for instance.  Sure, it's a river in France.  But it's also an English word, meaning "a fishing net".  Dad brought that one up just the other day.  He also knows what a "fid" is... look it up... it's a word.  And don't play scrabble with my wife.  She knows the word "snood".  I used to doubt these people when we played word games, but no more.  They're always right.

            Now I'm no slouch when it comes to the English language (that is to say, I am no abecedarian).  I can tell you what a mumpsimus is, and that I am not one (that I know of).  And I'll bet you used an aglet today without even knowing that it was called that.  There’s nothing like a good pre-jentacular crossword puzzle to sharpen the vocabulary and start your day off right.  Try it for yourself sometime. Your little gray brain cells will leap in happy felicity.