Wednesday, August 10, 2011

And Now for Some GOOD News!

            In a world full of bad news, you have to do some serious searching to locate the good news. This heartwarming story about a couple in China is just what we need to make us smile. I only wish that it was the lead story on Fox News.

            Pang Kun had decided that the time was right. He loved his girlfriend and he wanted to marry her. They’d live happily ever after; he just knew it!

But he wanted his proposal to be memorable. He thought back to their first date and decided to remind her of a moment that was particularly special to him. So he and 48 of his friends dressed up as…carrots… and headed to the local shopping center where he had arranged to meet the love of his life.

Getting down on one knee (root?) in front of her, Pang reminisced about the couple’s first dinner together and asked her to marry him. Bystanders shouted for her to say yes. Her face resembling a beet more than a carrot, she said yes.

            Watch this touching story for yourself. Don’t forget to grab a tissue before you click play. Young love – there’s nothing like it, is there?

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