Monday, August 22, 2011

Mainstream News: Celebrity Chefs Exchange Cutting Words

            Anthony Bourdain is a celebrity food chef and critic. You probably recognize him from his picture below. His show “No Reservations” on the Travel Channel is awesome; he eats some of the strangest food from the most distant places on the planet. You can tell he loves his job. But it is his role as a food critic that put him in the mainstream news this week.

            Bourdain was interviewed for TV Guide magazine, and his interview was picked up by the New York Post. It seems that Bourdain’s opinion of Paula Deen, a celebrity chef on the Food Network, is less than flattering. Bourdain actually called Ms. Deen “the worst, most dangerous person to America”. That seems to be overly dramatic to me, but Bourdain is well-known and loved for his scathing criticisms.

Admittedly, Paula Deen cooks elaborate Southern cuisine. Her recipes are heavy on butter, cream and calories. Eat one of her dishes and you’ll find yourself without any Weight Watchers points for the rest of the week. Eat two of her dishes and you’ll feel your arteries clogging while you’re still at the table. But does that really make her the “most dangerous person to America”?

I’m anxiously waiting for Paula Deen to respond to this accusation. I suspect that, given her Southern charm, she could make Anthony Bourdain squirm in his chair like a 10-year-old boy caught using the “f” word at the Graceland Baptist church.

I wish you luck, Mr. Bourdain, bless your heart.