Friday, September 9, 2011

Political Correctness: The Usual Rubbish?

            When is it politically correct to be politically incorrect? Let me take a guess…um…never?  Take for example a recent advertisement for a senior anesthesiologist in Britain. First of all, the job appears to be a nightmare that no one in his right mind would ever consider taking. A stellar example of the horrors of socialized medicine, the National Health Service (NHS) was looking for a sucker who “would be required to work with 37 consultants, 21 registrars and almost a dozen ‘senior house officers’. The successful candidate to the post, which had ‘education approval’ from the Royal College of Anaesthetists, would also be expected to help establish a teaching programme and workshops for junior doctors.” Salary wasn’t published, but you know that the NHS isn’t about to pay even a fraction of the amount a person with those qualifications should receive. And that’s not even the politically incorrect part!

            No, the politically incorrect part was the statement at the very bottom that assured all applicants that the NHS strictly followed “the usual rubbish about equal opportunities etc….” Yes, this is funny and you are allowed to smile if you don’t work for the NHS. If you work for the NHS, you are expected to put on that British stiff upper lip and denounce the advertisement as a plot by some mad person (who obviously works for the NHS) to undermine the reputation of the NHS system. Given the fact that the NHS’s sterling reputation is already pretty tarnished, this is definitely of paramount concern to the NHS top echelon. You got it – it’s a big deal requiring expensive investigations (paid for by British taxpayers) and considerable dishing out of blame. Somebody’s head will roll!

            I, for one, am weary of having to tread carefully through the complicated maze of political correctness. I salute you, unknown NHS saboteur. Thanks for making me smile.