Friday, October 28, 2011

Grayson High vs. Brookwood High: The Battle of the Videos


            I love to see local high schools competing in friendly rivalries. The class of 2012, born grasping iPhones in their little hands, has used technology to take friendly competition to the Cloud.

Last week, Grayson High School students released a video on YouTube called “Brookwood Where You At?” The video is of professional quality and is clean and funny, unless you happen to be a senior at Brookwood High School this year. Yup, Alex was not amused and neither were his friends.

Brookwood’s response hit YouTube on Wednesday. “Grayson Step Your Game Up” was an instant hit. Fox5 News in Atlanta picked up the story of the rivalry, and a clip of Alex and his friends was on TV all day yesterday. How cool is that?

Friday night lights click on at 8PM tonight. We wait anxiously to see whether Brookwood, last year’s state champs, or Grayson, currently ranked 6th nationally, will win the big game. It’s going to be a nail-biter!

Grayson High School’s “Brookwood Where You At?”

Brookwood High School’s “Grayson Step Your Game Up”

Both videos are for sale on iTunes.
All proceeds will be donated to Relay for Life.


  1. Um, I'm not bragging but for the sake of correct information the Rams are ranked 5th nationally...and, yes, the Broncos ARE going down!!!!!!!!!
    Love, Gloria

  2. Yes, ma'am. I apologize for the incorrect information. Go Rams! NOT lol

  3. We've had "Brookwood Where You At?" stuck in our head for two weeks now. Awesome duel.