Friday, October 7, 2011

How to Solve Problems Like a Klingon

            I think that there is a little bit of Klingon in all of us. I personally blame my inner Klingon for the predilection to champion lost causes to the bitter end, for the inclination to act before thinking, and for the impulse to point my middle finger at another driver on the road. These are definitely Klingon traits.

            I have spent much of my life battling my inner Klingon.  Humans think that shooting the bird at another driver is rude. Unfortunately, that particular impulse surfaces almost every time I get in my minivan. I can’t seem to help myself when a driver pulls out in front of me and then goes 10 miles per hour. Invariably, he/she is on the phone/applying make-up/stirring sweetener into coffee/eating a powdered jelly donut and generally not paying attention to driving. You have to admit that this is annoying. I suppose I’m lucky that the impulse is to hold up my middle finger and not to run the poor driver off the road, bless his heart. That would be a Klingon trait, too.
            But sometimes your inner Klingon can surface to help you. Jonathan Brown has spent the last 50 years trying to overcome dyslexia. It was only when he started learning the Klingon language that he was able to devise a system to help him recognize words. Apparently, you use a different part of the brain when reading Klingon than you do when reading English. How cool is that!

            So ask your inner Klingon for help when you have a perplexing problem. He just might have the answer you seek. Of course, there’s always a chance that his answer will have you flipping off the person in the tailgating car behind you. Klingons make interesting companions.

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