Friday, November 25, 2011

Gloria's Black Friday

            “So did you finish your Christmas shopping yet?”

            “That’s funny, Gloria. I believe the correct question would be ‘Did you start your Christmas shopping yet?’”

            “You didn’t go shopping at midnight last night? What’s the matter with you? That’s when Black Friday started.”

            “Aw, you didn’t go shopping at midnight last night either, did you?” I know Gloria pretty well.

            “No, I didn’t,” she admitted. “But I did get up early….”

            “You always get up early.” If Gloria sleeps past 5 AM, that’s sleeping in for her. “Did you go shopping?”

            “I thought about it,” she answered. “Then I made myself a cup of tea, curled up with Vinnie and my laptop, and finished my Christmas shopping online.”

            “Smart lady. A cup of Earl Grey, a warm cat, and an unlimited number of cyber-shops sound like the perfect Black Friday shopping trip to me.”

            “Just the thought of going to Wal-Mart today gave me a panic attack.” Gloria is a middle school teacher; it takes a lot to give her a panic attack.

            “I hear you. A Wal-Mart customer in California pepper-sprayed another shopper this morning so she could get the last flat screen TV. Nuts, huh?”


            “I’m glad you’re not crazy, Gloria.”

            “I’m glad you’re not crazy, too. At least about shopping,” Gloria chuckled.

            “I love you, too, my friend. Enjoy the rest of your day.”

            “You, too. Happy Black Friday!”

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