Monday, November 28, 2011

Sad Today

            My friend Lucy passed away this morning. Right now, my heart is too full and my brain is too dazed to make sense of the death of a second woman I loved in the span of a few weeks. I’ll be hiding in my bedroom with the covers over my head for the rest of this dreary November day.


  1. See, that's the problem with love; it always ends in heartbreak. But along the way, and after the heartbreak, there are those moments that define "being alive". Along the way, you look at the one you love and say, "I love you", and their eyes light up and you get a little smile, and something inside you warms up and wells up and you're alive at at some higher level. And after the heartbreak, you recall smiles and laughter and hugs, and you feel, for a moment, alive at some higher level.
    Sure, there's sadness, but there was also that ineffable thing going both ways between you and Mary that was so apparent, and from what you told us of Lucy, it was there, too.

    So, sure, cry and mourn, but remember to store up a big bunch of those "ain't love grand" feelings along the way to sustain those you love along the way. I know that's what I'm living on these days.

  2. And while I didn't say it, I was saddened to hear that Lucy had passed. You were a good friend to her, as you were to Mary. I hadn't realized, from your comments, that she was so close to the end.

  3. I had lunch with her the day before, and she mentioned that her stomach was upset. It turned out to be internal bleeding. She went fast, which is what she wanted.