Friday, December 30, 2011

Worried about how to get rid of that extra $16,000? Some suggestions for you.

            If I had a spare $16,000 lying around the house, I would buy….

            What would you buy? Aw, don’t give me those boring answers like “paying off bills” or “saving for retirement.” Of course that’s what you should do with a stray $16,000 you might find in an old coat pocket, but what do you wish you could do with it?

            Do you want an awesome home theater with an enormous flat-screen TV? How about a trip to some exotic locale? A new wardrobe, perhaps? Would you prefer to donate the money to your favorite charity? Or are you just itching to buy a virtual sword so you can beat your fellow players in the MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) of your choice?

            A man in China took his – supposedly – unneeded $16,000 and plunked it down on a virtual sword for the game Age of Wulin, which hasn’t actually been released in China yet. He anticipates being able to kill dragons and eliminate bad guys with one stroke of his mighty virtual sword. He’ll be invincible! At least that’s the theory. Who knows how many other people will fork over their spare change to get one of these amazing virtual weapons? Um…right.


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