Friday, January 13, 2012

I Want a Pony!!

            When asked by his grandparents for a Christmas list this year, PJ requested a pony and socks. Yeah, he’s adorable. He’s also 25 years old. My mom gave him socks; my sister gave him a My Little Pony action figure. He was thrilled to get everything on his list. I wish I had taken a picture of him combing his pony’s mane with the little pink plastic brush to amuse his 17-year-old brother.  It was hilarious.

            Our homeowners’ association didn’t object to our keeping PJ’s new pony in the house. That’s really good, because I know he would have been heartbroken to have to find it a new home. There’s a woman in England, however, whose neighbors have been objecting for weeks now about the new pony in her house.

            Of course, Stephanie Noble’s pony is a bit larger than PJ’s. It also eats hay, makes messy piles of poop, and knocks over the knickknacks in her dining room, where she has built a make-shift stable. Her neighbors fear that keeping a pony in the house will damage the property, thus causing their own property values to plummet.

            Neighbors have complained to the public health officials that keeping a pony in a residence is “environmentally unsafe.” Public health officials, while certainly not advocating keeping a pony in the dining room, have not found any health reasons to ban the pony from the house. Animal cruelty officials, to no one’s surprise, have found no evidence of abuse; a woman who loves her pony so much she keeps it in her house because she can’t find a nearby stable that will house it is not going to abuse the animal.

            Since there are no laws prohibiting Stephanie Noble’s pony from living in her dining room, the local city council has taken a hands-off approach. As long as Grey Lady Too doesn’t pose a public health threat and Ms. Noble continues to treat the pony with all due love and respect, the pony can stay.

            I love it when individual freedom is respected. And no, PJ, you may not put a live pony in our dining room. Sorry, son.

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