Wednesday, January 4, 2012

So who lets a nerd choose the name of a product anyway?

            Your stereotypical nerd is pictured as an awkward guy wearing glasses, a Star Trek t-shirt, unkempt hair, and too-short pants. You see him fiddling around with the little thingees (yes, that’s the technical term) on computer motherboards, playing video games, and snorting at jokes only other nerds understand. You’d feel sorry for your stereotypical nerd if you didn’t realize that
1.)    he’s making big bucks performing magic voodoo with modern technology
2.)    he’s the one you have to call when your computer is doing funky stuff and you need someone to remind you to plug it in or reboot it
3.)    he made Captain Kirk’s communicator functional, and you carry one in your pocket
4.)    he’s developing new technology that you won’t be able to live without 10 years from now
5.)    he’s pretty cool in his own special way

            Unfortunately, there is one other characteristic of the stereotypical nerd that tends to be true. Many nerds are socially inept. My husband, who is a non-stereotypical nerd, sent me a link to an article at CNET that lists the 20 worst tech product names. One can only assume that the socially-inept variety of nerd chose these names.

           The worst name, by far, is the TrekStor iBeat Blaxx. This product was an MP3 player that drew criticism for being a “racist product.” I doubt that the product itself was racist, but the name was certainly regrettable.
            Although CNET dislikes it, I think that the Tivoli iYiYi is an adorable name for an iPod docking station. Can’t you just hear your mum saying “iYiYi, turn that dreck down already”? Maybe that’s where the nerd who named this product got his inspiration.

            You have to appreciate all the intellect, creativity and hard work that went into making these products. Nerds rock! But was there no one with marketing experience working at these companies? Just saying.

Want to know what the other 18 worst tech product names are? Check out CNET: http://www.cnet.com/2300-33_1-10007438.html?tag=mncol;inside