Friday, January 27, 2012

What is the euro good for? Well....

            People come up with the most interesting things to do when they’re in a tight spot. Take for example the story of Mr. Frank Buckley of Dublin, Ireland.  Jobless and homeless due to the collapse of the construction market, Mr. Buckley is building a home for himself out of a material the rest of Ireland thinks is worthless. Take a guess? Mr. Buckley’s home is made of shredded euros. $1.8 billion worth of shredded euros, to be specific.

            Mr. Buckley’s home is located in an office building that has never been occupied. His “euro-trash” art decorates the lobby, and yes, he lives in it. Made completely from bricks of euros that the Irish government shredded, Mr. Buckley’s house makes a definite statement about his political and financial views. He doesn’t appear to be hopeful that life in Ireland will improve anytime soon; he has plans to construct a kitchen to make his home more comfortable. Of his choice of material, Mr. Buckley admits that the euro does have one good quality – “it’s a great insulator.” Oh dear.