Monday, February 20, 2012

Alex's homework

            Alex’s English homework for tonight is to write an epigram of 12 lines of rhyming couplets. The theme is “Carpe Diem” and it must be about a holiday. Oh, and it has to include an extended metaphor. Ack!

St. Patrick's Day 
Success is a pot of gold
Sometimes you have to be BOLD
You have to take some chances
And keep making advances
To catch that Leprechaun called opportunity
Because it’s not too long before he leaves.
Don’t just sit there waiting
The moment is now and it’s fading.
So go out now and have a ball
But don’t party too hard or you’ll fall
And that’s a great way
To ruin your St. Patrick’s Day.

Halloween is a powerful wizard,
Dressed in the raiment of a slimy lizard.
Dry leaves float at his behest,
As he scurries through the spooky forest.
Frightful jack o’lanterns wink,
Causing wee childrens’ hearts to sink.
A bat flies low to pay homage,
To the magical lizard, freed from his cage.
He’s free tonight, the only night of the year,
His presence is creepy, and fills hearts with fear.
Enjoy each scary moment, the thrills and chills of the day,
Halloween wants you to come out to play.

This was a rather difficult assignment, as you can see by our results. I'm glad Alex's teacher won't be giving my epigram a grade! It was kind of fun, though. Give it a try!