Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Get up now? But it's still dark!

            “You have to get up now. Your alarm went off a few minutes ago.”

            The body in the bed groaned softly and turned over.

            “You really have to get up right now! Your alarm went off a half hour ago! Do you hear me?”

            “Uh huh.” There was a slight movement from the bed.

            “You’re making me nuts! This is the third time I’ve had to come in here. Get out of that bed! Now you only have 20 minutes to get to school!”

            “I don’t feel well” was the response from under the covers.

            “What do you mean you don’t feel well? What’s wrong with you?”

            “I have a headache and my stomach hurts.”

            “Really? Do you want me to make an appointment for you with the doctor?”

            “No. I’m sure a little more sleep will help me feel better.”

            “If you’re not sick enough to go to the doctor, you can get up and go to school.”

            “That’s…cough…awfully harsh.”

            “That fake cough doesn't fool me. You should have gone to bed earlier last night. Now get up and get yourself to school!”

            “Aw, man. You’re so unfair. I don’t feel like going to school today.”

            “Jeez, you sound like a kid, Mom. You…are…the…TEACHER!  Just think of all those poor college students sitting in a classroom waiting for you to get there. They must be getting annoyed that you’re always late for class.”

            “I guess you have a point.” I sat up and gingerly put my feet on the cold floor. This whole getting-up-before-the-sun thing is for the birds, so to speak, and I really don’t care for it at all.

            Note to self: Next semester, no 8 AM classes!

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