Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Business "Verbing" Taken to Task

Thanks to guest-writer Chris Scullion for today's blog!!

One of my favorite comic page characters once said "verbing weirds language." How right he was. But lately I've come to the conclusion that nothing "weirds" language like business.  "Verbing" is rampant in corporate conference rooms around the country.  People and departments are often "tasked" with certain activities.  But corporate America wasn't satisfied with just "verbing." That's so 2002.  Now they also "noun" words.  The irony that "noun" is "verbed" above is not lost on me.

Recently, in a project meeting with the higher-up muckety-mucks, the subject was an unforeseen project problem caused by the customer. The problem was going to cost time and money. "So, what's the ask?" said the VP of Sales.  Everyone seemed to know that this was shorthand for "What are we going to ask of the customer?  More time or more money or both?"  I don't think there are enough synergies or market adjacencies in the world that could have kept me from laughing out loud.