Friday, April 6, 2012

I Totally Need a PAL-V!

            Dutch inventors have just unveiled a flying car that is practical and safe for air and ground travel. It even fits into a standard parking space at the mall!

            PAL-V is the car/helicopter of the future, if you’re talking about the very near future. Needing only a short take-off runway of 165 meters, the PAL-V can fly over traffic jams, mountains, and lakes. Upon landing, the rotors and propellers fold up so that you can drive to your final destination. The PAL-V can fly or drive for about 315 miles at a maximum speed of 110 mph before needing to refuel.

            I’m sure the PAL-V is prohibitively expensive to purchase at the moment, but I have hopes that someday soon, given what is sure to be high demand, I will be able to afford my very own. When you can buy a PAL-V, why would you ever step foot on a Mercedes, Range Rover, or Jaguar car lot again?

            I never suspected when I was watching The Jetsons as a kid that I might actually live to see the day when flying cars were a reality. Back in 1962 when I was born, we had black and white TV’s, no way to record TV programs, no mobile phones, and computers that were the size of football fields. Half a century later, there are actual flying cars? How awesome is that?

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