Friday, April 20, 2012

The Old Pipe Way

Written by Guest Blogger Peter Scullion

           When was the last time you actually opened your eyes wide? Maybe it was in shock, or sheer joy, or perhaps just startled by an unexpected result?

Eye-opening moments happen constantly, all around us. Most of us are too wrapped up, too busy to notice. Remember the video of the famous violinist who played in a train station and was largely ignored?

Would you have stopped to listen, would it have opened your eyes? It seems no one else did, either. Nobody stops to think that they are operating a complex 2-ton vehicle going 70 miles per hour. Nobody stops to smell the roses, or take a truly beautiful picture.

What if, instead of all of the pills and supplements, there was something that could allow you to stop and smell those roses? To stop and take a picture of the sunset? To marvel at how the world works?

I offer you the story of a gentleman who has been married for over 40 years, alive for over 66 years... and finds a truly eye-opening experience by following the “old pipe way.”

Stop for a second and appreciate the sights and sounds of everything around you... something of the things you find can truly open your eyes.

Read more about the train station violinist:  

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