Friday, April 13, 2012

An Unlucky Day

             Welcome to Friday the 13th! Reading the news today confirms for me that Friday the 13th continues to live up to its unlucky reputation. Here’s a run-down:

1.      Syria dispersed more of its protesting citizens by shooting them. Definitely an unlucky day for the random Syrians who died.

2.      North Korea attempted to launch a nuclear missile. This was a double fail for N. Korea: not only didn’t the missile work properly, but the attempted launch caused the U.S. to stop sending food assistance to them. It’s an unlucky day to be a starving North Korean, that’s for sure.

3.      This year, tax day falls on April 17th, making it the 2nd officially unlucky day this month. The Obamas paid their taxes early, though. It was announced today that the President and his wife paid a lower tax rate than Mr. Obama’s secretary, who earns considerably less money than he does. Does that make Barak one of the “evil rich” who does not pay his “fair share?”  Uh…yup! I think we can consider the publication of this information to be unlucky for our President.

4.      How about the unlucky man in New York who tried to hold up a bank today by threatening a teller with a toilet plunger? Police flushed him out of the bank and took him to jail. Unlucky AND stupid, huh?

5.      Finally, if you are a supporter of legalizing gay marriage across the U.S., it’s not your lucky day. Brad and Angelina, who formerly had announced that they refused to marry each other until gay marriage was legalized, announced today that they were officially engaged to be married. I don’t know what will happen to the gay marriage rights movement now that Brad and Angelina have defected from the cause. After all, the issue is all about them.

Keep your heads down, my friends, during these last few hours of Friday the 13th. Best of luck to you.

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