Monday, April 23, 2012

You Want to Listen to Music from the '70's?

            “Really? The 70’s on 7? How can you stand to listen to this old garbage?”

            “Huh? This is OUR music!” My husband frowned at me. “This music is great.”

            All I remembered were disco balls and songs that never ended. “If you say so.”

            “I DO say so. Remember this one?” He turned up the radio in the car and Casey Kasem continued his American Top 40 countdown from April 17, 1971. We had tuned in at about 20, just in time to listen to Ike and Tina Turner belt out “Proud Mary.”

            “Well, sure I remember it, even if I was only…um (I did the math in my head)… 9 years old. It’s not bad.”

            Chris snorted. “Not bad. Very funny. It’s a classic.”

I couldn’t really deny that, now could I?

“I bet you remember this one, too.”

Andy Williams began crooning the theme song from Love Story.

            “Yes, I do,” I admitted. “Love Story was the saddest movie I have ever seen.”

            The Partridge Family was next. “Doesn’t Somebody Want to be Wanted” reminded me all too well of the time I had spent daydreaming about David Cassidy. “Ah,” I said. “Now that’s a classic.”

            “Uh, right,” Chris said. “And how many posters of David Cassidy did you have hanging up in your room?”

            “Give me a break, OK? I was a kid. He was my first true love.” I fluttered my hand in front of my face and batted my eyes.

            “Me and Bobby McGee” was number 12. Janis Joplin was followed by “One Toke Over the Line” (sung by Brewer and Shipley – were they a one-hit wonder?) and the Tom Jones hit “She’s a Lady.” The Temptations, the Jackson 5, and Neil Diamond moved us closer to the top.

Number 3 was the gospel song “Put your Hand in the Hand,” number 2 was pure Motown “What’s Goin’ On” by Marvin Gaye, and the number 1 top 40 song from April 17, 1971 was “Joy to the World” by Three Dog Night.
“Do you suppose that being in the top 40 that week in 1971 was the only thing Janis Joplin had in common with the Partridge Family and Andy Williams?” I asked.

Chris laughed. “It certainly was an eclectic selection of music, wasn’t it?”

“To say the least.”

If you enjoy a blast from the past once in a while, click here to find Casey Kasem’s American Top 40 chart from April 17, 1971: http://www.oldradioshows.com/at40/041771.html

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