Thursday, May 31, 2012

"Natural Fit" Clothes? So not!

            It is a fact of life that as women get older, we sag in places where we’d rather not sag, and stick out in places where we’d rather not stick out. Some women choose to surgically alter these endearing signs of aging, but most of us hope that our clothes will hide a multitude of sins. The rest of us decide we simply don’t care and let it all hang out.

            It is obviously for the latter that Coldwater Creek has targeted its new line of “Natural Fit” women’s wear.

 Now tell me, where are breasts “supposed” to be? This is a little too “natural” for my tastes. I want to keep up the pretense that my boobs are right where they always were, even if I now require a whalebone corset to keep them up there.

            I may be getting older – all right, I AM getting older - and I need some help here from the fashion industry. “Natural Fit?” Give me a break!