Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Having a Bad Car Day?

Cars break down; it's an unfortunate fact of life. I've been stranded on the side of major highways, in parking lots, and once in my own driveway. It happens, right? The one similarity about all of these break-downs is that each was extremely inconvenient. Several times I had small children and dogs in my mom-mobile, it was invariably either freezing cold or scorching hot, and, needless to say, I certainly didn't make it to the doctor/vet/work on time.

I would whine and moan about these annoying instances of automotive fallibility, except that after reading about what happened to a stranded motorist in London, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't get any sympathy.

Nima Hosseini Razi's vehicle broke down in Parliment Square. He was unable to move it to a legitimate spot, so he called for a tow truck which, as you know from personal experience, was scheduled to arrive sometime within the next 4 hours. He decided to take a stroll - it's impossible to be that close to Buckingham Palace and not stop in to say hi to Her Majesty - so he left a note on the windshield and took off.

Unfortunately, Mr. Razi must have neglected to include his mobile number on the note. Police in London, which is under maximum security in readiness for the upcoming Olympic games, found the abandoned vehicle and were forced to assume the worst. Unable to locate the owner, they evacuated Parliment Square and performed a controlled explosion of the car,  suspected of being a terrorist bomb.

It wasn't actually a terrorist bomb; it was simply Mr. Razi having a really bad day. He arrived back at his car to discover that, not only was it non-functional, but the windows had all been blown out and the interior was charred. While he was still in shock, a traffic officer handed him a whopping fine for illegal parking.

I can only assume that after these events, Mr. Razi did what the rest of us would have done - walk across the street to the nearest pub, get rip-roaring drunk, and then call a cab to take him home. Let's hope poor Mr. Razi has a better day tomorrow.