Thursday, June 28, 2012

Long Regret by Veronica McKinny

World War I Memorials: Kathe Kollwitz's Memorial for her Son 

We lie long on river’s bend.
Twisted metal wrapped around
Tree bark and dug into ground.
Silence shattered, panicked sound
Whimp’ring, waiting for the end.

We ponder about goodbye.
Words over an empty abyss
Of sorrow, devoid of bliss.
Meetings are cut short by this,
Like lightning slicing the sky.

We grieve over future years
That we can’t have, and the weeks
In a place which greatly reeks
Of monstrous wrong. Our cheeks
Glisten slightly, regret’s tears.

We forget the faults of past,
Their burden too hard to bear.
To think causes heart to tear;
To wilt, to wane, to wear.
The mem’ries make us aghast.

We see day come to a head.
Darkness falls. It welcomes time
To share secrets of light’s crime.
As twilight melds old and prime,
We stand, join arms with the dead.

Primary Source Links for WWI : http://www.uncp.edu/home/rwb/hst332_p2.htm


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