Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Special Edition: June 6th

           Usually when I read the news, it’s a compilation of the same old, depressing news that I read the day before and the week before that. The Middle East is self-destructing, power-hungry governments are killing their own citizens, the American government is replacing our individual rights with government-enforced “security” measures, the world economy is in the dumps, and earthquakes destroy nuclear power plants and small villages in Asia. The world is a mess.

            That said, today is a day when there is news worthy of reading. Although readers throughout the world are deeply saddened by the death of author Ray Bradbury, we should take this time to celebrate his accomplishments. A self-taught writer, Ray Bradbury was a visionary who launched the science fiction genre with his short stories and novels. Fahrenheit 451, a staple in high school literature classes, envisages a dystopian society where reading and books are forbidden by law. If you haven’t read it, it’s well worth your time; the government hasn’t yet burned all of the copies!

            Today is also the 68th anniversary of D-Day. The liberation of Paris by the Allied troops followed the storming of Normandy Beach on this day in 1944. 9,000 brave Allied soldiers lost their lives that day, but not in vain. We honor them and are grateful to them for the freedoms we still enjoy. In observation of this anniversary, Life magazine has unveiled seldom-seen color pictures of the time period taken by photographer Frank Scherschel. Please take a moment to visit this web site and look at the photos. They show an aspect of World War II that many of us have never imagined.  http://life.time.com/history/d-day-rare-color-photos/#1

            Enjoy the rest of your June 6th.

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