Tuesday, June 12, 2012

You bought me an iPad? Isn't that...nice.

I wonder if there's a way to make the screen less sensitive so I can touch type more easily? It will take some getting used to to hold my fingers above the keyboard.

No, there really isn't. You need to hold your palms up to avoid problems.

I see. I have to type the way Liberace played the piano. Nice.

Also notice that you can ignore common typos since they are likely auto-corrected for you when you hit a space bar or return key..

Is that true?fo FFA
Ll I thinkfa it makes may writing lessfjsa

I didn't mean to imply that you could barf on the screen and it would still figure you out. I have a Bluetooth keyboard you could try if you like, but I think all you really need is a little practice.

A little practice? I guess that might work. It might take some time to see me on this whole iPad experience. That would be sell, not see. Maybe I'll learn to type this way before I throw the thing across the room. Maybe not.

Now, to be fair, you should move your current keyboard out of the way and lay the iPad in the same spot, not at an angle on some papers. Also, you should take a look at how I am typing. I can go pretty fast and not make many mistakes.

But it's something new and I don't like change. Whatever happened to mechanical pencils and legal pads? You're right, though. When I put the iPad where my keyboard goes, it works much better. Darn....

You don't have to use it. I think I can find you a nice chisel and hammer in the basement. The other position you should try is holding it in your lap and typing. That's the most likely posture for you at Starbucks.

Ah, yes. I will need to be able to use it at my office. The iPad is a lot lighter than my laptop and it seems to give off less heat. I don't know, though. Those number 2 pencils are way cheaper.

I find it very hard to type on my lap... But then, I have the same problem with a laptop. Number 2 pencils would be a lot cheaper. But think of the trees, Lorax!

True. Truffala trees are what everyone needs. I guess I'll give this a try. Now how do I upload my blog on this..um...wonderful new piece of technology?

Oh. That wasn't too hard. I suppose this might work. Um...thanks for the iPad.

You're welcome.

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