Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It's a Dull, Dull, Dull, Dull World (Today, anyway)

The news today is dreadfully dull. Consider these “riveting” stories:

1.      Prince Harry puts nude Vegas pictures behind him and makes heartwarming speech at the London Paralympic Games.

2.      Snooki gave birth to a baby boy. (I must admit that I have no idea who Snooki is and why she’s famous.)

3.      Pussy Riot members are continuing to try to flee Russia after violating the “absolutely no guaranteed free speech” laws. There are still 14 band members attempting to get out of the country before they are arrested and thrown in jail.

4.      The lion spotted by several people in St. Osyth in southeast England turned out to be a large Maine Coon cat. Yes, it was someone’s pet.

5.      A tourist in Iceland was reported missing from her tour bus, and then helped search for herself. She had changed clothes at a stop, and no one on the bus recognized her in the new clothes. Apparently, she didn’t recognize herself from the description of the missing woman, and so she kindly volunteered to participate in the search. You would have thought that the bus driver could have counted the number of people on the bus to see that he wasn’t missing anyone, but it’s so easy to Monday-morning quarterback, isn’t it?

6.      The GOP convention has begun in Tampa. So far, no one has reported that a politician has made any remarks that are stupider than the normal garbage they’ve been spouting for years. Since we already know that Mitt Romney will be selected as the presidential nominee, the whole convention is kind of a let-down. Perhaps this 19th century convention convention has reached the end of its usefulness and should be eliminated. Just think of the goodwill gained if the parties stopped annoying the American public.

          7.      From my personally dull world:
               ·    It’s raining in Lawrenceville, Georgia.
               ·    Wreck was groomed today.
               ·    I will be meeting Chris for lunch after his noon meeting and then going to work, where I will do my best to help college students improve their writing skills.
               ·    Dinner tonight is homemade chicken stew, which is already cooking away in the crock pot. If you care, each serving is 477 calories.
               ·    Yawn. I think I’ll go take a nap until lunchtime. Have a nice - even if slightly dull - day!